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Low Mood









Suicidal Thoughts




Work Stress 


Sometimes we find ourselves stuck in life, unable to move forward. We may have something that’s getting in the way of us reaching our full potential.


Maybe we aren’t quite sure what’s going on but something doesn’t feel right; for example in regards to work, or maybe experiencing some difficulty in relationships, in processing a bereavement or a loss of some sort, or it may be a longstanding difficulty.

These issues and many others alike, can throw us off course in life, and we can lose ourselves momentarily and we may need support getting through a tough time. Or maybe more simply, there is a curiosity and desire to get to know yourself better.

Here are some examples of what may be part of your current experience:


Why You're Here


How I Work

I work on the understanding that you are the expert in your life, and I aim to encourage your voice within to become stronger.

I do this by holding a space for authentic connection where together we can begin to explore and understand your inner world, figuring out what is important along the way that can help in the various parts of your life.

About Me


I offer individual and couple counselling sessions at my private practice in Mile End and at Life Counsel, a clinic in Brixton. Mindfulness, meditation and spirituality are concepts that I am drawn to in my personal journey, elements of which are reflected in my work. I have over 10 years’ experience working in the corporate world as well as experience working within the music industry. 


I am a qualified Counsellor with a BA (Hons) and a Clinical Diploma in Person Centred Counselling. I am also a qualified Couples Counsellor. I provided support to individuals with a wide variety of issues during 4 years working for the mental health charity Mind, an IAPT service, where I qualified as a ‘Counselling for Depression’ (CfD) practitioner working briefly (from 8 weeks) as well as longer term. 

I believe that we have it within ourselves to figure out a way forward, and I like to offer a supporting environment, free of judgement to help in this process.



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